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7 Reasons Why We Love Nani’s (Grandmas) House

You never understand the true value of summers until you grow up and realise that you don’t get 2 months off to just do as you please. Being an expat kid, all our summers were spent in Mumbai at my Nani’s house, where most of my cousins would fly in from their hometown. Imagine at least 8 – 10 kids of different age groups under one roof. I still fail to understand how our moms managed us by themselves as my dad would come only for 2-3 weeks. Those are some of the best memories of my childhood. Every other day Nani would give us a few rupees to go down and get ourselves ice-lollies or some roadside sandwich. We would also run behind the chickens in the neighbourhood. At night we would get to hear some amazing stories from our grandmother who would always sleep off halfway through. All of of us would sleep in one big row on the floor next to her bed and wake up to her singing devotional songs and ringing the bells so loudly. Hats off to my cousins whose house we lived in as we pretty much invaded their space for 2 months in a year! These beautiful memories will last for a lifetime.

As the summer break is coming to an end I am reminiscing my own vacations as a child. My kids will never experience the kind of fun we had going to Mumbai every summer, as my parents are living in the same city as me and I hardly take the time out to go and stay with them unless it’s during the summers as the kids are off. These holidays I spent the last 15 days at my parents and it reminded me of my childhood spent at my Nani’s house! Made me sit and think about why is staying at grandparents house so precious. Of course now the reasons below are completely different from what my reasons would’ve been.

So here are the top 7 reasons why my kids love Nani’s house!

1.Nani’s Decision Supersedes Moms

This is definitely one of the best part as moms have no say when it comes to the upbringing of their kids around the grandparents. If I say why are they eating so much junk, the immediate reply is ‘you grew up eating junk too’ or if I say stop fighting all the time, I end up hearing ‘that’s what you and your brother did throughout the day.’ Really there is no winning with a grandparent. They have an answer to everything.

2. No Sleep Curfew

After endless efforts to put them to bed, they are still super hyper even after midnight as they are busy playing 6 little monkeys jumping on the bed and some midnight wrestling with granddad. No sleep curfew of course also extends to no time limit to sleep in.

3. Unlimited Candies

Grandparents love bribing the kids with candy. I keep hearing my mom tell them if you finish eating your food I’ll give a chocolate. If you don’t fight then you get a lollipop! And obviously who has to run behind them when they have a sugar rush…. meeeeeee

4. Food

When we are home the kids eat whatever is cooked during the day but at Nani’s house they just demand what they want to eat. Pizzas for lunch, laddoos for snack time, burgers for dinner. Their every demand is met.

5. Head Massages

This part I love too. My mom loves applying hair oil to them and of course I get into the line too. The kids love getting a salon style head massage and demand for some foot massage at the same time!

6. Fun with Cousins

During school days the kids get to meet their cousins only once a week but during summers they are together 24/7 and it’s never enough. They make up their own games, play board games, jump off bunk beds, followed by endless fights.

7. Endless Movie Marathons

Back-to-back movies throughout the day courtesy grandparents who don’t have any restrictions to time. If that was not enough my parents have installed a projector and a big screen too.


Have your kids got their grandparents wrapped around their little finger too?  I would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Rasoi Ghar

I recently visited Rasoi Ghar and was really looking forward to trying their food as at home we cook Gujrati & Rajasthani food. So I was excited about trying their thali as it would be home-style food but at a restaurant. The ambience and décor of the place is lovely with beautiful ceilings and pictures…

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Who would think that you would find such beautiful species of birds in the middle of the desert. Dubai being popular for it high-rise buildings and highways it is hard to believe that this sanctuary is located to close to the city. Also known as the ‘Cape of the Creek’, this area is protected by the municipality and is fenced off to protect the area.

I have known about this place for a long time now and have also mentioned it in my article 20 places under Dh20 to visit with kids in and around Dubai on Baby & Child magazine.Since then I have been waiting for winter to take my kids there.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 6km and features a variety of salt flats, intertidal mudflats, mangroves, and lagoons for the birds to use for their nests and individual habitats. (

The sanctuary has 3 different hideouts for the public to view the birds. I would recommend to go to all the 3 hideouts as they have different views of the mangrove & lagoons and different spices of birds. Of course the highlight of the sanctuary is the beautiful pink flamingos but you can also spot more than 170 species of birds in this lagoon.

We visited the place on a Saturday at around noon and it wasn’t too crowded. My kids had a wonderful time exploring and learning about the birds in their natural habitats. Also, we got to see the birds in close up with the binoculars placed in each hide. The best time to visit this place is during winter months between November to March. 

These hides include information on the various species of birds that can be viewed there and they also have sharp binoculars to view the birds. The hides provide the perfect way to watch and photograph the birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary












The Flamingo Hide on the sanctuary’s western edge near the flamingo roost off the junction of Al Wasl and Oud Metha Rds; the Al Buhaira Lagoon close to Al Jadaf; and the Mangrove Hide overlooking the mangrove forest off Ras Al Khor Rd on the southern edge. Besides the flamingos there are common sightings of broadbilled sandpipers and Pacific golden plovers; in winter, great spotted eagles and other raptors may be patrolling the skies.

This place is a must visit for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts! 

Best time to visit: November to March
Age group: Though there is no min age requirement to visit this place, I feel kids of 4 years and above would enjoy it the most.
Time: 1.5 hr (if you visit all the 3 hideouts)
Visiting hours: Saturday – Thursday 9am – 4pm
Price: Free       





A recipe for one of the most popular dishes in North Africa Living in the Middle East my entire life I was quite surprised that I hadn’t heard about this dish called Shakshuka until a couple of months ago. This is such a simple recipe that can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Do you have the TEPfactor?

The ultimate test of physical strength, wits and teamwork at Dubai’s unique new attraction

Dubai is a truly one place where you can never ever really get bored and not know what to do. The city has it all from luxury hotels, vibrant lifestyle destinations, to shopping malls and extreme sports of every variety. Keeping that in mind, get ready to experience a new adventure that the city has not seen before – TEPfactor. Located at JBR The Walk, TEPfactor offers an adrenaline-pumping ambience from the moment you enter the venue.

Dazzle your Home with Danube Home’s Exclusive Design Décor Ramadan Catalogue

Having being born and raised in Dubai, I have literally seen this place being build up right in front of me to what it is today. And hence, I have known the brand Danube Group from when they started their Danube Building Materials and seen them grow from a small trading firm to one of the largest building materials company in the region.