10 Reasons Why Having Twins Is Awesome

There are plenty of mother’s day celebrations around the world and the one celebrated in the US is just around the corner. So today I wanted to share with you all some amazing reasons why I feel it’s great to be a mother of twins!

It’s been such a roller-coaster of an experience being a mom of twins. It can get very difficult at times but there are many moments where I feel so blessed to have twins and I wanted to share that with you all. If you enjoyed what you read then feel free to share it with your friends.

So here it goes! Why is it awesome having twins?


  1. Second Child Syndrome

I’ve read and heard that when expecting a second child a lot of mothers worry if they will be able to love the second baby as much as the first one. It is understandable why you would feel that way also. Having your first child is a beautiful experience by itself. Like your first love, you may feel like you will never get over it. But it is also true that every time a child is born a new mother is born and you will love your second child as much as you’re first. Luckily for me I would not have to worry about that. From the moment we found out that I was carrying twins my love was not split into half, it just doubled!

  1. Toilet Training

I won’t have to go through toilet training again! Even though my kids didn’t really trouble me when I was toilet training them but still I’m glad I’m done with it. It still took a lot of dedication, time and effort. No more running between two different toilets and no more having to entertain my boys in the toilet.

  1. Teaching

I see my sister-in-law with the effort she puts into making sure that my nephew is up-to-date with his classwork and studies. I’m thinking she’ll have to go through all of that all over again with her second child. Thankfully I will not have to teach the same school syllabus to a second child all over again.

  1. Playdates

With a single kid you have to constantly worry about entertaining them and keeping them occupied so they stay out of trouble. I will never have the trouble of arranging for play dates! They always have each other. Both of them are more than happy to be just running after each other and hardly even touch their toys. They come up with their own games and can be occupied with it for hours at a stretch. Ofcourse they fight a lot too… but that’s a small price to pay in the long run.

  1. Same Same but Different

It is really very fascinating to see twins together. They have a few similarities but it’s always interesting to see how their personalities are developing as different individuals. It’s really sweet to watch them pick up habits from each other and how they approach the same thing in different ways.

  1. Two for the price of one

Now who doesn’t like a good deal! Really not much to say here but really there is nothing like getting two babies from one pregnancy. Although there can be complications and more risks when you are pregnant with multiples, it still is a great deal.

  1. Double the love

There is nothing better than getting love from your kids but with twins it always comes in two folds! The hugs, the cuddles, the kisses, being sandwiched between both of them at bed-time. I always feel the most important person in life with all the love that they shower upon me.

  1. The Twin Bond

Oh it’s not like the movies you know… where if one cries the other cries too or if one is hurt the other one feels the pain! But yet they have a very strong bond. Their bond started even before their birth when they had to learn to share a womb. It’s amazing to see how they watch out for each other. I hope and pray that their bond remains forever.

  1. Double the entertainment

Oh my friends! If you thought having one kid is entertaining then imagine that multiplied by 2! Both my boys are so entertaining, the things they do… range from farting competitions, singing in the shower together, licking competitions, to listening to their imaginary stories! It’s so much fun to be around these boys!

  1. Attention

Being a mom of twins always feels a little like a status symbol. Now who doesn’t like a little bit of attention? I always have people telling me … wow! How do you do it? I’ve always wanted twins…It always feels like being a part of this exclusive club. Having said that I always feel the same way for moms of triplets or even moms who have more than 3 children. Really how do they it!

So I would love to hear more for all the other moms out there, if have one child or two or twins. What do you think is the best thing about it 🙂




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