About Me

Hi there!

I’m Karishma, an Indian expat born and brought up in Dubai and have seen this city grow to what it is today. When I’m not busy trying to keep my kids from fighting, crying, kicking, or biting each other I have a passion for cooking, traveling, dancing, hooping, scuba diving and photography.

I used to work full time in the events industry and have an OCD for constantly organizing things. At present I am a stay at home mom and a freelance events manager.

When my boys were born I got too busy trying to be the perfect mommy to them and somewhere down the line I forgot what it meant to be myself. I needed that push to get out of my comfort zone of being just their mom to being not just a mommy! This blog is dedicated to moms who like me feel they need a little bit of inspiration to get back to what they were before their mom life and also about my journey as a mom along the way.

I like to blog about my experiences of being a mom to my twin boys Ranveer & Shaurya and wifey to Jay, my journey of finding myself again, exploring new places, cooking and little moments from our everyday life. Thanks for visiting! I hope to see you around more.

Xoxo Karishma