Arabian Tea House – An Oasis in the Desert

This weekend we decided to finally visit the Arabian Tea House for breakfast. The reason I say finally is because this place has been around for more than 24 years now and I see this place every single day on my way home but have never been there before.

We went to the Arabian Tea House located in the historic Bastakiya area in Bur Dubai. They have 2 other branches in Dubai.

Upon arrival the first thing that strikes you is the beautiful interiors and the lovely ambience of this place. As you enter, you will feel as if you have been transported to a different city with their white furniture and trees and the history on their walls.

Their breakfast menu consists of different varieties of breakfast trays and also some great light breakfast options for those who don’t like too much on their plate. So after much discussion and suggestions from the server we decided to order the following:

What we ate

Grilled Halloumi

This was definitely not the best grilled halloumi cheese I may have had. This was the only dish that we ordered which was average.


Special Breakfast Tray

The special breakfast tray consists of small portions of hamus, falfel, beans, chickpeas, olives, grilled halloumi, and an eggplant dish. I enjoyed everything on this tray.

Arabic Food

Ali Breakfast Tray

This tray consisted of scrambled eggs with tomato served with cheese, yogurt, jam and fresh Arabic bread. The scrambled eggs were really delicious. Such a simple dish made so well.

Eggs, Cheese, tomato, breakfast

Khameer Halloumi Zaatar

Home-made Emirati bread filled with halloumi cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and thyme. This too was cooked to perfection.

Home-made Emirati bread filled with halloumi cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and thyme.

Karak Chai

One of the best karak chai’s I’ve had. They also have a huge variety of green teas.


Apple Juice, which we changed to Mango, Banana and Pinapple Juice as we didn’t realize they were only serving green apple juice which the little toddler along with us didn’t quite like.

The tray’s are big enough for two people, just make sure to order for some extra bread as each tray comes only with one. I only wish they would add an option to customize the trays as there were few things in my tray which I didn’t want but was informed that it was not possible to change the items in a tray, which is understandable. So maybe they could just add an option to custom-make a tray.

Besides the food what I truly loved about the place was the staff. I love going to places where the staff is attentive and willing to go the extra mile. The manager came to check if everything was fine and if we needed anything extra. These little things really matter to make a place warm.

If you are looking for some good Arabic food with soul, then Arabian Tea House is your place. Another reason I like this place is that it’s located in the heart of old Dubai, the historical area of Al Bastakiya and the Dubai Museum is just located at a 5 minute walking distance. Hence making it great for younger or older kids.

Here you will experience the traditional Arabic hospitality that revolves around the rich culture of the people of the Arabian Peninsular. I would also highly recommend this place if you have any guests visiting Dubai.

I am definitely going back to try the biryanis and kababs on their menu.

The pricing is a little on the higher side but if you will be sharing then it should even out.

I would recommend not taking your car as the parking space in this area is very limited.

Average cost for two: AED 190/-

I would rate the place a 4/5

Location: Opposite Musalla Post Office, Next to Dubai Museum, Bastakiya, Meena Bazaar, Dubai

Tel: +971 4 353 5071











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