Dear Dad, Happy Birthday!

Dear Dad,

We wanted to wish you a very happy birthday today and we have a few things to say to you on your special day!

Dad carrying twins

Firstly, thank you Dad for bringing us into this world even though you had no idea whatsoever how it would change your life forever!

Thanks for staying up with us at nights while we party on your bed like there’s no tomorrow.

Thanks you for being patient with us and teaching us all the fun things to do like making rockets, flying kites, riding a bicycle and many more things everyday!

Thank you for introducing us to music and teaching us how to play all these interesting musical instruments. Oh and of course how can we forget to thank you for introducing us to Alok! our favorite artist!

Thank for dressing us up every morning while we run around the house thinking of ways to avoid brushing our teeth.

Thanks for singing for us in our shower.

Thank you for being there for mom when she has no idea what to do with all the mess we’ve created!

Thank you for loving us unconditionally even when you know we are going to fart in your face the next minute!







Thank you for getting us everything we need even before we know what we want!

Even though we may not say it enough or have to be reminded by you to say that we love you, we are truly grateful for everything you do for us.

And Dad, always remember no matter what life throws at you at least you don’t have ugly children!

Thanks for being the best Dad in the entire universe!


Yours truly,

Daddy’s little monsters


p.s hope you like your birthday card which we made for you!


rocket, monster

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