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Having worked in the events industry for years I really have an OCD when it comes to planning events. So you can only imagine how it must be when I have to plan for my children’s birthdays! Every year I would drive my husband up the wall with a list of things to do on the day of the party. We both really do love conceptualizing, designing and planning the party ourselves but by the time the party would start both of us would be quite tired to actually enjoy it ourselves.

Well so this year both my husband and I have been quite busy with our respective work and really could not find the time to organize everything from scratch. Hence we were on the lookout for a good play area that would suit our budget and also have different activities for all age groups.

After looking around at some of the play area’s around Dubai, we really liked KidzPalooza. To start with they really have amazing staff who showed us around the place with so much passion and once we saw the place we were quite sure that this is where we would like to celebrate our children’s birthday this year.

Here is a little info about KidzPalooza:

About their themed play areas

What I liked about their play area was that they had a 4500sqft of indoor town themed children’s entertainment center that can be catered to age group of 1 to 12 years!

They have an Actors Entrance only where the kids can play dress up and wear their choice of costumes for the entire duration they are in the play area.

Then there was a market area where the kids can use their imagination to purchase some fruits and vegetables from the store.

For little older kids they have block factory where the kids can get explore and learn with the Lego.

Kids who like to get creative can go to the Art Gallery where they can do a wonderful range of activities and decorate their art with glitters and rhinestones.

My 7-year-old nephew was glued to the play station in their Arcade station, where they have games ranging from FIFA 2016 to the new Super Mario Bros and more!

For toddlers 3 years and younger have a separate play area of their own where they can enjoy playing safely.

Besides all of the above they have an amazing soft play area where most of the kids spent most of their time. Their soft play area meets the International Standard for Safety.

About their Birthday Parties

They have amazing birthday packages to suit different budgets. For Ranveer and Shaurya’s birthday we chose the basic birthday package (All their packages are mentioned on their website). For any of the packages you are allowed to bring in any 3 items of your own, so we decided to get some minion décor for the party.

What I loved about them

  • The entire team of KidzPalooza was there to assist me with anything needed during the party. I always had someone from their team next to me, so I never had to look for someone to get something done. They had very friendly staff that had a smile on their face throughout!
  • The food for adults & kids at some of the birthday parties I’ve been to was so stale and cold that you really would prefer not eating it. But the food at KidzPalooza was prepared fresh just before everyone was ready to eat.
  • What I also liked was that when it was time to bring in all the kids to the party room to play a few games before the cake cutting, they had more than 2 people helping with the party. This really made everything go so smooth. Most of the other places I’ve seen only provide you with one person for the party.


For the first time I think I actually enjoyed my kids birthday party!

Besides the play area they also have a Saloon and Spa services, which we did not use so won’t really be able to review the same.


Return Gifts

As their theme for the birthday was Minions, I was on the lookout for some nice Minion themed gifts that would suit all age groups. Since I couldn’t find anything within our budget in the market I decided to look for gifts on Souq website. We did find a few things to get such as a Minion themed toothbrush holder and a mini helicopter. Normally we are used to the good service offered by Souq but this time we had a very bad experience after we ordered the gifts from them.

After we received the items ordered from their website my husband did not immediately check to see if we had received everything properly. When we did check we realized that we had not received more than half of the things we had ordered! After chasing Souq and the suppliers they informed us that they thought we ordered so many items by mistake!

Somehow after making a million calls my husband managed to get the gifts we ordered in time for their birthday party. But the moral of the story here would be either not to order from Souq or order well in advance so if there were any issues you would have enough time to rectify it.

Hope all this information has been useful for you all.



Birthday Party Location: KidzPalooza, Times Square Mall

Ranveer and Shaurya’s Outfit: Sweater- Babyshop and Jeans – Mothercare

Party Décor – Twinkle Party Store, Karama

Cake – Occasions Confectionery, Bur Dubai



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