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We are already almost done with first 3 months of the year! Time to realign your goals for the year and see how much have you achieved already. In my case like millions of others one of my goals for this year was to lose weight and get fit. I have been struggling with my weight loss journey not for months but for years now. My weight has been constantly fluctuating. After I’ve had my twin boys, I have been a stay-at-home mom and we all know that it truly is a full time job, in fact even more time consuming that an actual office job. I also succumbed to eating unhealthy food and combined with no exercise didn’t make it any better. And of course a lot of excuses for not doing anything about it!

I truly believe in the quote by Paulo Coelho, ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieving it’. In my case a couple of months ago I went to Cleopatra Spa for a full day and also had access to the Pharaohs Club. During the same time they were running a competition where you had a chance to win a 3 months gym membership at Pharoahs Club or a Diamond spa at the Cleopatra Spa. Well since I used both the facilities and really loved the place I reviewed them. And guess what! After 2 weeks I actually got a call from them telling e that I was one of the winners and had won a 3 months gym membership! What a wonderful start to the year!

Pharaohs Club is a perfect place to have your membership if you are looking for a place that is not overcrowded and has some state of the art equipment. They also have a dedicated ladies gym and studios, indoor climbing wall, squash courts and tennis courts. And for days when you just feel like relaxing and probably reading that book which is kept on your bedside forever then you can lounge by their lazy river and soak in some Vitamin D or splash around their large outdoor pool!

Another major plus for you moms out there who can’t leave their kids alone at home to go to the gym, guess what Pharaohs Club has got your sorted there too!

They have a fabulous UK established childcare centre called Creche Out, where you can drop your kids for a maximum of 3 hours while you can do your workouts in peace knowing that your child is in good hands and taken care off. I just absolutely love this about the gym! Haven’t seen this anywhere else in Dubai.

Coming to my fitness journey, I started going to the gym in the first week of February and it’s now been more than a month since I’ve been consistently going to the gym a minimum of 4 times a week. Sticking to a routine with kids really takes a lot of dedication. Some days I’m just not motivated to go, some days I’m too busy. But I tried a couple of things that seemed to help me and I wanted to share the same with you all.

Here are some of my tried and tested methods to stick to a routine:

  1. Choose a gym close to home or your workplace

Always choose a gym that is located within a maximum of 5-10 mins of walking or driving distance. The further the gym is the more unlikely you are to go regularly.

  1. Go slow

When you start don’t plan on going all 6 days of the week! If you aren’t a regular you’ll surely get exhausted and get demotivated easily. Start with 3 days a week and gradually increase it after 30 days once you have formed a routine.

  1. Pick a partner

Pick your partner in crime! It’s always easier to stick to a schedule if you are accountable to someone. When you are answerable to a person you’d be less likely to skip your workouts or cheat on a meal.

Workout with a partner who is at the same fitness level as you are and who can commit to the same schedule.

  1. Have a workout and diet plan

Not having a workout plan is one of the worse ways to start your fitness journey. Don’t look online for generic workout plans. Meet with a trainer and have a plan designed specifically to your needs. Same goes with you diet plan, meet with a dietician to make a monthly meal plan for you. Keep reviewing and change your plan regularly to suit your needs.

  1. Short term goals

Keep realistic & short-term goals. We all know what is the overall weight we need to loose but it will surely be better off in keeping smaller monthly goals. You’ll also feel more motivated once you achieve the short-term goal.

  1. Smaller habits

Start making small changes in your daily lifestyle, whether it is with regards to eating, drinking or exercising.

Try changing your one meal of the day to something healthy like only salads and soup for lunch or bowl of fruits for your afternoon snack. Making sure you drink 2 liters of water daily. Also things like climbing the stairs to get to your office or home.

  1. Fix an appointment

Treat going to the gym like you have a work appointment. Fix a time and don’t miss it. Trust me as a mom this works the most with me. I schedule other things around my gym time and not vice versa.


Here is a little info about my training. Once a week I train with the trainer and on other days I have the following schedule:

Jumping Jacks x 20

Push ups x 20

Plyo Jumps/Steps x 20

Sit ups x 20


Alt Lunges x 20

Burpees x 20

Ab Crunches x 20

Seated dips x 20

Steps with weights x 20


I need to do 3 sets of each. I am sharing this schedule, as these are exercises that can be done at home too.

During my one month of going to the gym, I have managed to loose 2.5 kgs. I will surely share my overall stats when I complete 3 months of starting my gym.

Something that I need to get more consistent with is my diet. I need to make a good meal plan for myself and stick to it. That’s my agenda for the upcoming month.

I hope you found this post beneficial. Please feel free to leave me some tips on eating right and exercising in the comments below.




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