One Little Word for 2018: Dedication

What exactly is one little word? It’s a one word to focus on, to love with, to write about, to reflect upon for the entire year.

The entire year of 2017 just went by in a breeze. After having kids I decided to take a break from work to be with the boys until they started their nursery, which they did last year in April. I had always known that once the boys go to the nursery I’ll surely get back to working and also start my regular exercise to get back into my normal weight.

With my twin boys

All this while I had also been thinking about starting my blog, as I love to write and wanted to share my life experiences of having twins with others. Then in August I launched my blog. I absolutely love the experience of blogging and love sharing my thoughts and stories with you all and hope that you would be enjoying it too!

But in between all this I got busy being a mom to my kids and did not pursue my other dreams. This is something so common with a lot of moms. You get so comfortable in your daily routine life that you don’t feel the need to do something new or get back to what your life was before being a mom. This year I have decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and be dedicated towards my goals. Hence my one little word for the year would be DEDICATION.


“Dreams & Dedication are a powerful combination”



  1. The willingness to give a lot of time and energy to something because it is important.
  2. The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

As always I will stay dedicated towards my family but along with that this year I am going to be dedicated to my work, I am going to be dedicated to my health and finally I am going to be dedicated towards my readers, making sure I give them good content all the time.

My friend, Abigail inspired me to choose my word for the year. You can also read her post here.

What is your one little word?

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