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Dazzle your Home with Danube Home’s Exclusive Design Décor Ramadan Catalogue

Having being born and raised in Dubai, I have literally seen this place being build up right in front of me to what it is today. And hence, I have known the brand Danube Group from when they started their Danube Building Materials and seen them grow from a small trading firm to one of the largest building materials company in the region.

My Top 10 Picks For A Unique Valentines Day

We are officially into the second month of the year already! That happened fast didn’t it?

February being the month of lovers can get quite confusing for those wanting to celebrate Valentine’s day with their partners. Both my husband and I are not the kind who enjoy the traditional kind of Valentine’s day celebrations. We always prefer to do something adventurous or some kind of activity.

Advantages of Co Sleeping with Twins

Recently at a family gathering I was chatting up with my cousin about how the kids sleep with us in our room at night even though its hard at times as they still don’t sleep through the night. That’s when one of my aunts jumped into the conversation to advice me that I shouldn’t let the kids sleep in our room and it’s so bad for the kids as they won’t be independent and a lot of other issues. Being a byproduct of co-sleeping myself I did not think much into it when my kids were born.