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Advantages of Co Sleeping with Twins

Recently at a family gathering I was chatting up with my cousin about how the kids sleep with us in our room at night even though its hard at times as they still don’t sleep through the night. That’s when one of my aunts jumped into the conversation to advice me that I shouldn’t let the kids sleep in our room and it’s so bad for the kids as they won’t be independent and a lot of other issues. Being a byproduct of co-sleeping myself I did not think much into it when my kids were born.

Big Adventures for Little Explorers

The Middle East’s first adventure excursions for three to five year olds.  This week I attended a lovely launch event of a children’s adventure company called Touring Tykes that has been founded by events planner Sophie Bodgis. They had also set up a play area for little tots to enjoy while the mommies and daddies were attending…